Me Time Holistic Psychology is located on Norton street in Leichhardt to provide medicare bulk billed counselling and psychology services for adults, couples, and adolescents.

The service is flexible and easily accessible for clients by providing in office appointments, off site community consultations, walk and talk counselling and online face to face counselling via skype.

Me Time offers specialist services for a range of private, government and community services. Me Time psychologists can also provide psychological reports for clients when requested.

A collaborative approach working alongside referring professionals, agencies and organisations is always employed and prioritised.

Me Time professionals are experienced to work with a range of mental health issues and clinical diagnoses during therapy, some of which include:

- Depression & Anxiety

- Community re-integration & rehab support 

- Grief & Loss

- Emotional regulation / Anger management

- Lifestyle transition & Family issues

- Stress & burnout

- Addiction & Dependency 

- Interpersonal & Relationships